🌡 — WELCOME ! !

website in the works as i lazily learn how to code
update log:

> 10/11/21: added favicon, title, background, & container with image for update log

> 10/12/21: added another container but it just connected with the original one idk whats happening

> 12/15/21: added a sidebar, realized that i misspelt solid when making the border of the second container

3/21/22: changed the theme, added scrollbox, added a custom cursor still understand barley anything

3/22/22: removed the custom cursor for this one, changed layout & theme, added an about + dates + goals section

5/5/22: changing the theme again and making the site more compact


okay so like by about me i just mean my interests but especially in coding because . . . yeah :) 🍓 so let's get started shall we? (it's not even that long why am i being dramatic-)

honestly the desire just came from wanting to be creative, i really like making layouts, having aesthetics and such. i also really enjoy a lot of the old internet aesthetics as well. i wasnt really online when the old internet was on where everyone had like shrines and such so it's quite new to me, so i am kind of like this when looking at website inspo hopefully i can gain enough skill to actually make this a fully fledged website!

i do other creative outlets as well such as drawing and writing. the only creative outlet that i can never reach is anything in music, but i am an avid fan of it! i have no set genre i like, it just depends on the song! i also really like learning history & culture although i don't always actively seek it since you have to be in a certain mindset to do so.

a little tidbit but i also REALLY want to make a fully fledged internet shrine for something i haven't mentioned but LOVE so here's hoping!